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The physical education program emphasizes three major goals for the physical education curriculum. Supporting and reinforcing each of these goals are underlying disciplines. The goals and disciplines are listed below:

Goal: Movement Skills and Movement Knowledge

  • Students need to develop effective motor skills and to understand the fundamentals of movement by practicing and analyzing purposeful movement.


  1. Motor Learning

  2. Biomechanics

  3. Exercise Physiology and Health Related Physical Fitness

Goal: Self Image and Personal Development

  • Students develop and maintain a positive self-image and strive to become the best they can be through planned physical activities.

  • Disciplines:

    1. Human Growth and Development

    2. Psychology

    3. Aesthetics

    Goal: Social Development

  • Students develop appropriate social behaviors by working independently and with others during planned physical activities.

  • Disciplines:

  • Sociology

  • Historical Perspective


    Grade Level Emphasis:

    • Kindergarten:  How I Move in My Environment

    • Grade One:      Moving Through Time and Space

    • Grade Two:      My Partner and I- How We Move in Space

    • Grade Three:    Continuity and Change in Movement

    • Grade Four:     Manipulating Objects with In and Through Space

    • Grade Five:      Manipulating Objects with Accuracy and Speed

    • Grade Six:       Working Cooperatively to Achieve a Common Goal

    • Grade Seven:   Meeting Challenges and Making Decisions

    • Grade Eight:    Working as a Team to Solve Problems