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History has proven that music has been an integral part of the human experience. It satisfies basic needs and expresses deep feelings in unique and powerful ways that require no words. Saint Charles School will carry on a cultural heritage that provides pupils with a rich music program that offers opportunities for genuine aesthetic experience. The music program at Saint Charles will focus primarily on:

  • Listening: Tone and melody, rhythm, form or design, harmony, expressive elements

  • Singing: Tone and melody, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, performance

  • Movement: Rhythm, Melody

  • Instruments: Play a variety of percussion instruments

  • Reading and writing music: Rhythm, form notation

  • Music appreciation and History: Composers, instruments, popular music, style, stage



Students are encouraged to use and share their talents and understanding of music in a variety of different ways that may include performance. Students will be provided with opportunities to perform in the Christmas program and programs throughout the year.

We aim to foster an appreciation and enjoyment of music through higher-level thinking and cooperation skills. We will study the material in many ways that address the diverse ages and learning styles of each child. The material will be presented using audio and visual technology, performance, movement, reports, reading, lecture, group activities, and games.