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The art standard or our students here at St. Charles Borromeo School incorporates five strands, which are related to one another and at times to the curriculum in other subject areas. The five art strands that will be incorporated into this year’s art program will be grade level appropriate and are as follows:

  • Artistic Perception:

  • This refers to processing, analyzing, and responding to sensory information through the use if language and skills unique to visual arts.

  • Creative Expression:

  • This involves creating a body of work. Students apply processes and skills in producing their own original formal and informal works.

  • Historical and Cultural Context:

  • This applies to the work students produce and towards understanding the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of art. Students will examine artists as well as cultures and historical periods.

  • Aesthetic Valuing:

  • This includes analyzing and critiquing works of art. Students will apply processes and skills in producing works of art. They will learn to derive meaning from their art productions and the art productions of others.

  • Connections, Relationships, and Applications

  • This will involve connecting and applying what is learned and comparing it to learning in other arts, subject areas, and careers. Students will develop creative skills in problem solving, communication, and time management that contribute to lifelong learning. They will also learn about careers in and related to art.